Saturday, July 07, 2007

Weekend Reflection

The best part of the week was our vacation to Gulf Shores. God really blessed us with a great family. We all went down with my parents, niece and nephew and had a wonderful time. Even the rain was a blessing. It cooled us off and helped with the droughtlike conditions in the area. God kept us safe and blessed our week.

Scamp came down with an ear infection as a result of all the swimming we did, but luckily we were able to see the doctor at a last minute appointment before the weekend. She's feeling much better. She was so pitiful last night since she was in a lot of pain. Her swim lessons start next week, so if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer for quick healing for her and that she doesn't get another infection from the lessons.

Today, Scamp and I went to watch my niece Alex play in another softball tournament. Scamp had so much fun at the playground and seeing our family. Beef is at his parent's right now working on our car with his dad. Thank you so much Richard for helping us out. He even let us borrow a vehicle until ours is fixed.

God has really blessed us with great family and friends not to mention always providing for our every need.

And I forgot to mention last week that Stacy over at Vader's Mom nominated me for the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award! I always wanted to be a Rock Star!! You're the best Stacy! I've been nominated for some other things as well but along with this time haven't been able to nominate anyone else because they have already been nominated by some other cool chics! But I think all my blogging friends rock: Stacy, Sonya, Stacy, Lauren, Judi, Carrie, Laura, Belinda, and Brenda (not a blogger but she still rocks, too)!

Join in the fun at Judi's.


Brenda said...

Wow finally mentioned in a blog that my Mom didn't write! You DO rock! I'm so glad you got nominated! As far as Scamp's ear infection....I used to get them all the time as a child because you couldn't keep me out of the water either! You could try a bathing cap or ear plugs to help with that problem. She may be too young though and they may be more trouble than they're worth. Worth a try though if she REALLY likes swimming. I'm so glad you had a good time and I loved looking at all the pics. You can see my vacation pics on my facebook page if you get a chance. Not nearly as many but enough to give you a taste. We visited Jay's Dad and stepmom in Rednersville. Just a little place in rural Ontario off of Lake Ontario.

Belinda said...

Hey Scamp's Mom,
Brenda just called me on the phone (from downstairs--we gotta do something about that! :)) and said, Mom, check out Scamp's Place!

What an honour to be named as one of your rocking blogging friends! Thanks so much. I will be smiling for the rest of the evening!

Brenda said...

Just so you know...I called from downstairs not out of laziness but out of fear that my name would disappear from the screen. I just had to keep my eyes glued to my that's something we have to do something about!

Sonya said...

I loved hearing about how well your week went. We'll say a prayer for Scamp and her ear!

Anonymous said...

I finally posted and put up the Mr. Linky if you want to go leave your link.

I am so glad you had such a great trip. The pictures are Fabulous! sorry about Scamp's ear though. That stinks.

You should get some of those silicone ear plugs to use during swim lessons. They are great.

You rock too!

Anonymous said...

You rock too! I hope Scamp's ear infection is completely cleared up!

Anonymous said...