Wednesday, August 15, 2007

God Is Good!

I've been dealing with some major issues for several years now, some of which I am not ready to disclose over the web. But as of recent, these huge burdens have been lifted. My situation seemed so impossible. At times, I would literally lay down and cry and beg God for His mercy, of course not always believing He could (no, would) help me. For many years I let myself wallow in a pit of self-loathing and self-pity. I still battle with issues of low self-esteem on occasion, but God is teaching me that His love of me matters above all else. These feelings complicated my already difficult situation, but God is powerful enough to work on all angles.

Once I truly started to believe God's wisdom and not man's was what I needed, I began to see some real changes. First, God worked on my attitude. When you have a bleak and negative view of difficult situations, everything seems to worsen. When I began thanking God for the minute changes, I felt the hope that could only come from Him. With renewed hope, I increased my prayers, praying for specific areas in my life that needed to be restored. I began seeking out friends/prayer warriors who aided me through difficult situations with encouragement. All the while, I started believing that God really does want to change my predicament and that nothing is impossible through Him. This is only a small glimpse of what God has done and is doing in my life at present.

Although there are more areas that God is continuing to work on with me, I am a living example of the power of His mercy and hope. God is good!

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Sonya said...

I'm thrilled to hear how excited you are about these changes! It is amazing how we can really "feel" God's Love when we come to Him completely and utterly broken and feeling hopeless! Praying for you :-o)