Friday, January 25, 2008

Scary Horsey

We had our weekly Thursday night get-together last night, and my friends Greyson and Jonathan came with their three kids in tow. Their middle son, J, is a little bit younger than Scamp, so she is always trying to "help" him. They both wanted to go upstairs to Scamp's room, so I went along to help them find some toys.

Scamp has a horse that's made specifically for toddler-sized riders. She started climbing on it, and J looked really excited about having a turn, too. I didn't want them to get hurt, so I picked it up and told them we would take it downstairs. Well, as soon as I did, J started crying. I thought he must have wanted a ride immediately, so I encouraged him down the steps.

He started the descent, wailing all the way with me tailgating right behind with horsey. His mom came to the rescue, and I told her, "He must think I'm not going to let him ride the horse." She grabbed him and as we reached the bottom, I placed the horse a few feet away from him. He went hysterical. He saw the cat a few feet in the other direction and cried even harder. Well, duh!! He was terrified of the "monster" horse, and there I was stalking him with it.

I took the once harmless animal back upstairs, but poor J was inconsolable for 15 minutes. Will I forever be known as the "Scary Horse Lady?" I hope I didn't traumatize him too bad. He did eventually settle down. I'll have to make sure the horse is well hidden next week and maybe win his trust back with some candy!


Anonymous said...

How funny! I am sure you will win him back!

Sonya said...

LOL! How funny! Sometimes it's the things you think kids will love the most that really scare the pants off of them!

Jenny-up the hill said...

Sheesh-a-moley! Way to scar a kid for life! lol!! I agree with Lauren...I bet you'll win him back!

Judi said...

LOL! How funny. I am sure he will come around. :)