Wednesday, April 02, 2008

7 Tips to Wrangle and Tame a Kitkat

Scamp here again. You know Mama's been kind of wimpy the last week and a half, so I thought I would take over today's post to add a little more excitement back into Scamp's Place. I love my fluffy kitkat, and I've been improving on my kitkat catching skills. See here. Kitkat is just lovin' the attention.

Here's my best suggestions for kitkat wrangling from least to most effective:

7. Run screaming after him. Leap towards him as he's fleeing in terror. This only seems to add to his excitability and quickness, so this one is not really recommended.

6. Follow him into his lair: under the bed, into the closet or under the coffee table. This method usually results in me being wedged in a confined space while he scampers victoriously away though.

5. Setting up a stake out at his kitty bowl full of crunchies sometimes lures him into gaining your trust, but trying to feed a crunchy to him with a baby spoon has yet to yield a cuddle session.

4. Lure him into thinking your going to let him outside. It's a fail proof method to gain easy access to his soft, cuddly fur but less effective in gaining a long petting session. A quick pat here, a slight tug on the tail there, then he's gone.

3. Have Mama or Daddy catch him for you. Although Mama lets him go after only a few seconds. I think she has some allegiance to him.

2. Pounce when the opportunity presents itself. Sleeping kitties aren't as quick. Although whispering sweet nothings like "Nappy, nappy kitty" as you're laying on top of him only seems to escalate his need for freedom.

1. Once you've contained him, hold on tight. Gripping at his back fur allows a better hold over pulling his tail. I know it's hard to believe those tails are slick, but they are! The choke-hold is effective, too, but Mama always intervenes in those situations.

Hope you enjoyed your lesson. Now, don't tell Kitkat! He's hard enough to catch as he is.


Vader's Mom said...

Hehe! Scamp, I've learned that he'll come to you when you try to sleep. Maybe you should try that one!!

Sonya said...

Dear Scamp,
You've given me some great ideas. We have four kitties running around our place and one of them really doesn't like to be caught. I'll have to try each one of your tips so that I figure out which ones works best.

Please tell your mom to feel better soon and give kitkat a kiss for me!

hyperactivelu said...

ha! too cute!

Dumuro said...


Irritable Mother said...

"Sleeping kitties aren't as quick."
I wonder if that would work with bugs...They'll be out again soon, and if I can find some napping grasshoppers, maybe I can catch them as well as Joshua gets the awake ones!
Thanks, Scamp. *grin*

Heart of Rachel said...

This is a cute post. Scamp surely knows some great kitty tactics. :)