Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday

This week travel back to your junior or senior high prom…

Did you go all out? What did your dress look like?

Who did you go with? Any special memories from prom night?

Venture on over to Annie's to share your memories.

I went to prom as a sophomore and as a senior. My first prom was with my first serious boyfriend, who was a grade ahead of me. My prom dress was above the knee, sleeveless and fitted. It was completely covered with a vertical stripe sequined pattern. The colors were dark -- red, purple, black, and maybe green. It really didn't look as bad as it sounds!! I wore my spiral permed hair up. My date arrived for some pictures, then he took me to his parents' house for more pictures. I believe we went straight to the prom. It was held at a meeting hall overlooking the lake. We entered on the second level, which overlooked the dance floor and an erected two-story high twinkling Eiffel Tower on the dance floor. The theme was Paris. My most unforgettable moment was when my shoe toppled down the stairs, and my date had to fetch it for me. We danced, had our pictures taken, ate, then went home. I had an early curfew.

I missed my junior prom because no one asked me (no boyfriend), so when senior prom rolled around I asked my friend Jeff. He was actually my first date's best friend. He accepted, plus we started dating soon after. I thought I looked much better in these pictures. My dress was solid black velvet and almost floor length. The dress was very simple except for a lightly sequined upper back. My hair was pulled up again, and of course, it was big, curly, and totally 80s (although it was the 90s!) He took me out to dinner first, then we went to the hideously decorated high school cafeteria for a few dances. Afterward, we went to my friend Jill's house to watch a movie (one of the sequels to Tremors). He took me home before the movie ended because, yet again (and rightly so), I had an early curfew.

Both proms were fun -- not really the proms themselves, but buying the dress, having my hair done, and of course the expectation of a magical night.


annie said...

Your proms sound fun. I think Amanda enjoyed getting ready for prom as much as actually going to prom.

Coach J said...

Your prom sounds alot like mine. What was it about a Paris theme?? I didn't get to get my hair done by a pro, but you can bet I teased those bangs as high as they could go! :0) Any pictures you could share??

Nancy Face said...

I enjoyed reading this so much! I love how you described everything in such vivid detail! :)

My daughter was in Student Council, and her job was Social Director...so she was in charge of all the dances! Her senior prom theme was Paris, and the twinkly Eiffel Tower they assembled kept falling over! I helped decorate for that prom, and it was a nightmare, although it finally turned out looking beautiful, haha! :D

Sonya said...

Fun! I did my own hair, a task that I now regret! LOL! Of course I had big hair! So funny to think back to these days!