Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little People on the Road Swap

Hey, Scamp here. Mama has put me to work writing this post. Mama's friend Angi invited us to play along in the Little People on the Road Swap.

Mama said I could find a little buddy. You know, like a stuffed teddy or kitkat to ride along with us this year when we go to the Smokies. Then, me and Buddy are gonna do a lot of posin' for the camera on our vacation. Then, Mama's gonna let me help paste those pictures in a scrapbook (and post several on Scamp's Place, too) to send to our partners in crime. Well, Mama says not really crime partners but other kiddos who are gonna play along and send us a scrapbook and some souvenirs, too.

"It's gonna be great!" That's my new favorite saying.

Mama and me want to invite all you bloggers and your kids to play along, too. You don't even have to go on vacation! Just take your new buddy 'round your town and take lots of pictures. Mama added the link to the Little People Swap up above. Go visit to read all the rules and sign up. The deadline is June 10th or the first 50 to sign up.

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