Thursday, May 22, 2008


What I'm in need of today! A little Girl's Night Out. I got to go to the movies with my two SILs and my MIL on Mother's Day. But, with Beef working super late this week and me watching Scamp all day and late into the evening, Beef and I both need some relaxation time.

I've been having a lot of fun building Pug Houses (Club Houses) with Scamp this week. She has been wanting to build one every day either using the couch cushions or using blankets to make a tent in her bed. That's what she's taking her nap under today. But, I am so emotionally drained. She is a talker, a non-stop talker who repeats the same thing for 10 minutes at a time and won't take no for an answer (without a little help from me). I just need to close my brain off for a few hours. I think I may need to cry, too, but I'm just too spent!:) I'm off to do...nothing.


gail@more than a song said...

I hope you've gotten to rest this weekend! I remember what you're talking about, sometimes you just need a break! My daughter was talking about it last time I visited & I told her I had to find a mothers day out at times to take mine to so I could have an afternoon to do things in peace, or do nothing.
Your picture is so cute, y'all are adorable!

Angi said...

Hope you had a relaxing weekend! My 6 yr. old still drives me crazy somedays with constant, neverending talking!

MegandMag said...

I feel your pain--there are times when I feel like I just need a day off, but that doesn't happen much when you are a mom.

On a different note, I have gotten some good ideas for future reads off your blog--Bad Girls of the Bible seems right up my alley. Also, thanks for doing a post about the swap.

Doodlebug said...

You deserve some R&R. And you all are too cute! Hope you are rested!

Sonya said...

Y'all are just so darn cute!

Hope you had fun. What did you see?

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Shawna. That's a sweet photo of your family. I hope you had a wonderful time at the movies.

I can totally relate. My son is a talker too. There are times I just need some time for myself. The funny thing is when I leave the house with hubby to have some time together, we end up talking about our son. We would miss him and end up going home earlier than planned. :)