Friday, June 27, 2008

We'll Be on the Road

For some reason Beef's upstairs computer is not talking to my laptop. Who knows what my new baby has done to Bertha (aka Beef's stationary computer) now? I hoped to post the fun we had at my niece Alex and my nephew Billy's birthday party this past weekend. They had the hook-up on karaoke, and boy, we sang our hearts out, but Bertha is hiding those pictures from me.

Instead I will talk about the Little People Swap Scamp and I are participating in. Here she is with her new buddy "Box" who was set to accompany us on our vacation this next week. Following which he would have been sent to our Little Swap Partner up north.

But, Scamp quickly became attached to this little scraggly raccoon and carried him in her shirt for a few hours as her new baby. How could I send him away?

So, we picked up a new "Box" (Box #2), identical to his brother minus the chocolate milk stains Box #1 sustained a couple of weeks ago, who will also be traveling with us. Boxes 1 and 2 will pose in many a picture in the Smoky Mountains, then Scamp and I will be making a scrap book and sending it, Box #2, plus a few other goodies to our New York partners, who will in turn send us their scrapbook fun.

I won't be posting much this next week but will have lots to share when we return. See you soon, and don't forget to leave more questions for me.

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annie said...

Have a great time!!!