Thursday, January 01, 2009

Fun and Embarrassing Facts About Being Pregnant

Experts say your body does many marvelous things during pregnancy, and here are a few of my most frightful (oops, favorite) changes (besides being used by God to create another complete human being):

  • Forgetfulness. "Could you repeat what you just said? I forgot." is the phrase that often follows my conversations with others. My best forgetful moment was when I was pregnant with Scamp and needed to do some shopping at Wal Mart. I got halfway there and forgot how to get the rest of the way. After taking several wrong turns I eventually made it.
  • Dry Heaving Mornings plus the added feature of peeing on yourself during the process. Why am I sharing this on my blog? I thought you all might want to know! LOL! At least I'm at the stage where it's not happening everyday.
  • Having to Quickly Leave the Room after a Hilarious Moment. People, please don't make my laugh so hard because I'm probably going to wet my pants. It's not funny. Stop laughing!!
  • Weird Skin Formations. Ok, so this hasn't happened yet this pregnancy, but with Scamp these strange little bumps developed at various stages on my face and neck. I eventually was able to pull them off except for the one on my eye, which is still present.
  • Changes in Vision. Besides not being able to see quite as well I've had a couple of episodes where I had spotty vision. Literally, I saw dark spots where peoples faces were supposed to be. It was really scary the first time it happened, but it goes away after about 15 minutes.
  • Claustrophobia Magnified. This has been way worse this pregnancy. I've had to leave the church service to sit outside on more than one occasion because people were sitting too close to me. I felt like I couldn't breath and didn't want to pass out, so I had to excuse myself.
  • Shortness of Breath especially in the morning. I don't sing out loud in church anymore because I become so winded I feel lightheaded. It's a very similar feeling to the previous episodes.
  • Being Hungry and Full at the Same Time. It's strange to feel so hungry, but you just don't think you can fit another ounce inside your stomach. There's no more room.

So, many strange things happen during pregnancy and probably multiple others that I haven't experienced. It's still worth every weird occurrence and embarrassing moment to hold the little life God formed inside your womb. What beyond-belief things have happened to you?


Chappyswife said...

Ah, Shawna, I remember these things. My pregnancies, though I didn't always feel the best, were the most special times of my life. I hope you are enjoying it.

God bless you and your family this new year!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the joys of pregnancy! Unfortunately, I don't think the funny moment problem improves much after the baby is born. Since I have been coughing for over 5 weeks, I have been dealing with that a lot. While I wouldn't trade being able to have babies, I sure wish we could pass on some of those things!

Irritable Mother said...

Hmmm, I just tried commenting but it seems to have not "taken." Here goes again!
What I wondered is if your omission of the flatulance issue means you don't have to deal with that lovely side effect in your pregnancies. I skipped the dry heaves, but each of my kids left me rather "gassy."
Funny? Sometimes.
Embarrassing? You bet!
But after a while I figured simply being pregnant gave me permission to "let it go." LOL

hyperactive lu said...

Ok, I can say that I don't have the pee problem....yet....but I haven't had baby no. 3, so maybe no. 3 will be the pee problem charm?! Hopefully not! That would get frustrating to change clothes! I got weird skin things.... lots of skin tags and red dots on my chest. It was weird.... unfortunately the skin tags didn't go away. Yuck! And I can TOTALLY empathize with you on the being hungry and full at the same time. Its miserable! Ugh! Happy baby makin!

annie said...

I loved being pregnant every time! I felt great! I can't remember having any of those things.

Happy New Year!!!

Sonya said...

I remember many of these same feelings. I always hated the shortness of breath. It was worth every second though. In fact, I'd like to experience all of those things at least once more :-)

Jillian, Inc said...

Oh, I can so relate. I "heaved" the entire 9 months. And those bumps (I call them skin tags). What's WITH those things anyway? I have one that didn't go away either.

Angi said...

I remember those days! That last month I had to wear a pad b/c I keep peeing when I laughed, sneezed, etc! My feet are now 1/2 size bigger then they were before I had babies! And my memory has never recovered - I believe I gave a way a bit of my brain with each of the 3 kids - and it's not growing back!
Alas, it's all SO worth it!