Monday, January 05, 2009

Some Alone Time

Beef and Scamp were upstairs playing tonight, and I thought I would sneak a soak in the tub alone. Now that I'm pregnant it's hard to bend over the tub to give Scamp a bath so I usually get into the tub with her...which means soaking and relaxing in the bath is out of the question.

But, tonight I filled the tub with a hot non-toddler friendly temperature water and relaxed silently. I could here Scamp in the next room and didn't want to give my secret bath away. I soaked for about ten minutes, long enough to warm my cold feet.

The temperature of the water started to cool, and I was almost ready to get out when Scamp bounded through the door. I expected her to want in right away, but she insisted on pampering me.

"Let me feel the water," she said. "It's still hot." She then insisted that I close the curtain as she threw a few of her toys in for me. "That's my favorite," she said motioning to a rubber ring. "You can have duckie, too. Here's your pitcher. Let me pour this for you," she stated as she poured hot water from a miniature purple pitcher into a bowl. "Eat it." It was as if I were at a spa. The pretend soup was fabulous. Then, she couldn't bear the allure of the tempting bath anymore. "I can get in, too."

"Ok," I told her. She had earned herself a few minutes in the tub with Mama. Five minutes of splashing around sufficed, and she was on to her next adventure: dress-up.


Anonymous said...

How sweet!

hyperactive lu said...

How cute!!!