Friday, October 19, 2007

5 Things You Want Your Kids To Know

I stole this meme from Karen at Surviving Motherhood, who was tagged by the original creator of the meme, Claire at One Passion...One Devotion. Those participating are supposed to share the five things they want their kids to know before they “grow up” and then leave a link to their meme in the comment section of Claire’s original post.

1. Mama's not perfect. That's why she has to rely on God. I hope to teach Scamp that we all need a Savior and are all in need of forgiveness.

2. God's not a big, mean tyrant who stomps on you while you're down. I believed this lie for years. And God is still transforming my mind to not believe that I have to earn my way to Him. He loves unconditionally. He always forgives me, and He doesn't look at me any differently when I've messed up. Oh, that hits so close to home.

3. Your own worth is not tied into how others see you. You don't have to be a people pleaser. It's ok to say no, and it's ok if others say they don't like you because what's most important is how God sees you. When you're saved, Jesus' righteousness is bestowed to you. God cannot see you any other way than how He sees His perfect Son. We will never be perfect, but that's God's FREE gift -- righteousness.

4. I will always love you. I'm not God. I do get frustrated. I make mistakes. But, I do love you.

5. You will reap what you sow. The Bible is telling the truth. Sin has consequences that we have to bear. If you choose to live in darkness, then your life will be dark. If you live in the truth, in God's light, you will see the blessings.

I don't tag very often, but I'm going to this time:

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Let me know if you can participate.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag! I will have to give this one some serious thought! Great answers from you!

Claire said...

HI Shawna - claire here from

thanks for doing the meme! good answers - it is so important that our kids know WHO God is and how much he loves them (and us love them too!)

have a super day!

annie said...

Great answers, I got mine posted.

Chuck, Elizabeth, Carter, & Baby #2 said...

Wow, your 5 are awesome! I am going to have to ponder awhile on this one.

VAIL said...

Just saw this! Thanks for the tag - it's the FIRST time I've been taged for anything1 Though you pretty much covered it and it will be hard to think of anything different to say - I'll give it a go! Check by my blog - I'll get it up later this week!

Sherry said...

Shawna just came over from Wannabe and loved your post. I was Blessed by your 5 things. I especially was touched by #2 mamma's not perfect that is why she has to rely on God. What a wonderful way to express. Thanks. Have a Blessed day enjoy Scamp...she will grow up fast. I blinked and my child was 25!